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Skybuster Balloon Inflation Instructions
Temperature, sunlight, barometric pressure, wind, rain, humidity, etc., all affect balloon performance.  Flight time is not guaranteed.   We suggest a few guidelines to prolong the life of your balloon:

DO NOT fly balloons in windy conditions or bad weather

DO NOT fly balloon near buildings or other objects that could pop the balloon if contact is made. Allow the balloon maneuvering area -- Remember, the balloon will move around with the wind, and even a moderate breeze will cause the balloon to sway.

DO NOT leave the balloon up over night.  Although the balloon need not be uninflated, the balloon should be brought down and secured overnight.

DO NOT inflate indoors.  Have pennant securely tied to column or rooftop, etc. and ready to tie on balloon prior to begin inflation of balloon.

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Balloon Dealer specializes in 5 ft and 6 ft big sky buster balloons for outdoor advertising and retail car dealership promotion. Balloon Dealer Sells Large Giant Sky Buster and Latex Balloons,
Curling Ribbon, Helium Regulators, Rope Pennants, Balloon Clips, Jumbo Balloon Clips, 17" Latex Ballons for Special Events and promotions. Balloon Dealer accepts all major credit cards including American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.