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Balloon Arch Building Instructions

1. Measure Dacron line (50 lb. test) to desired length* plus an additional six feet for tying ends down.

2. Stretch Dacron line to the full length of desired arch and tie each end to sturdy anchors. Be sure there is three feet of line on each end for tying when finished.
3. Inflate two 11" latex balloons with helium and tie together at the neck of the balloons making a duplet.

4. Repeat step 3 and twist the duplets together making a cluster of four balloons.

5. Starting at one end of Dacron line, wrap one balloon of the cluster around Dacron line. 6. Repeat steps 3 and 4. Place second cluster close to the first cluster and twist one balloon around the line. 
To make a spiral effect, turn each cluster slightly in the same direction.

7. Continue until entire length is finished. Untie line from anchors and attach to sufficient anchors for decorating (i.e., bricks, gallon bottles filled with water, etc.) For arch, tie each end to an anchor and move anchors together until desired height of arch is achieved.

*To calculate arch length:
To make an arch that is taller than wide:
(2 x Height) + Width = Approximate total length.
To make an arch that is wider than tall:
Width + Height = Approximate total length. To make an arch with the same height and width:
( 1.5 x Height) + Width = Approximate total length.

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